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December 2, 2012
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You stared at him in disbelief, no way was that possible. But you have read a book about him, and he looked suspiciously like the description from the book.

Oh, well, he did save my life, so maybe I’ll give him a pinch of trust…

“Come on, I’ll tell you about me on the way back to the street. It’s this way.” He was already walking away from you as you scrambled to get up. You almost tripped again but caught yourself when you noticed he was trying to hide his laughter.

“Shut up…” Your face was warming up as you felt a dark blush creep its way across your cheeks.

“Klutz, now keep up, I’m only going to tell a story once.” He turned around as you started jogging to him, and once you reached him, you slowed to his pace.

“Okay, so you know all the legends?  Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and the Easter Bunny, more of a kangaroo I’d say but never mind that.” You nodded to his question, your mind hinging for a second on his last comment.

“Well, they’re all real.” He smiled sarcastically at you.

“Really…?” He nodded.

“Yup, really real, really annoying and really nerve grating.” You laughed at his comment.

“Can I ask you a random question?” you asked, he replied with a shrug. “What’s with the blue hoodie, torn pants… and why the heck are you barefoot!?” the last part of the question was more or less yelled at him, so he jumped a little.

“One, don’t really remember the reason behind the hoodie, two, don’t know why my pant are torn, and three, I’m barefoot because the cold really doesn't bother me…” You mentally face-palmed at his answer.

What was this guy’s deal, is he ever not content? You asked yourself while glaring through the white, blinding snow.

“Any more questions before I get on with my story?” You looked at him and thought for a moment.

“How do I really know your Jack Frost?” He smiled and motioned for you to look at the ground, where the bottom of the large ‘g’ shaped stick he was holding was touching the ground. From the bottom of the stick, you watched as frost started to creep out onto the snow and over to where you were standing.

“That is so cool.” You had a broad smile as you looked at him, he was grinning back at you. You started laughing awkwardly as the blush came back.

Crap… why’s he so cute??!!

“You know, walking back going to take forever (f/n), how about we play a game. Close your eyes.” He had a sly smile on.

“Wha… no” You weren't very confident on shutting your eyes with a boy you just met about fifteen minutes ago standing in front of you.

“Come on, it’s only a little fun!” He seemed so childlike to you, so you sighed.

Not my best idea, but…

“Fine.” You closed your eyes and tried to block out the feeling of his body pressed to yours. You then felt wind rushing up around you from no place in particular, and it was whipping your (h/l) hair into tangles.

“(f/n), you can open your eyes now!” His voice was filled with laughter, pure and childlike. When you do open your eyes, you start scrambling at Jack, trying to get a batter hold on his hoodie.

“How… are we up… so high!?” Your voice was more of a shriek than how you wanted it to sound.

He smiled down at you, as you stared back at him. “Magic.” One word to throw you off.
So magic really does exist… weird.

You finally saw your house below you, seemed to you that you had walked farther than you’d thought. You were finally getting used to being in the air when you started descending.

“Over already?” Your voice was partially shaky; Jack stared down at you with a smile.

“Didn’t think you wanted to stay Ms. Fraidy-cat.” You stuck your tongue out at him, knowing it was childish but not caring.

Your feet touched the ground, the snow crunching under your boots. Looking around, you noticed that no one in your neighborhood was out.

“Is today Sunday…?” You asked, your brain had decided to take the day off when you first met this boy, so you couldn’t remember.

“Yeah, it is.” You gave a loud sigh.

“I don’t wanna go to school tomorrow!” It came out as something of a whine. Jack laughed and you glared at him.

“Okay, make me a deal that if I make tomorrow a snow day, you’ll come back out and hang out with me again, (f/n).” You stared at the boy, eyes wide open.

You squealed like a girl who just discovered her favorite T.V. show had a new season and jumped on Jack without thinking or any hesitation. You said thank you to him about a million times before you managed to calm down enough to peel yourself off of him.

“I’ll take that as a yes…” he laughed as you pulled yourself off.

“A definite one and maybe you could finish your story then too.” You smiled shyly back at him. “See you tomorrow then.” You waved at him and turned around to walk back to your house, but something made you turn around.

“(f/n)!” His voice made you turn around and before you knew what was happening, he was right next to you and his cold lips were pressed to your cheek. “See you later!” And with that, he flew back up into the sky and out of your view.

You just stood there for a good ten seconds without breathing, blinking, or even thinking. Your brain had finally kicked the bucket. Your face started getting hot as you stood there, and then, all of your thoughts came out of your mouth in a jumble of a sentence.

“Ohmygoshwhydidhedothatnowaythat’snotpossiblebuthejustdid… OHMYGOD!!!!” Your brain was fried but you did realize something before it died fully.

You just promised to hang out tomorrow… and it probably wasn't going to be that last time you hung out…

“Well this life just got fun…maybe it won’t be so bad.” You spoke to yourself quietly and walked back up to your house, fishing the keys out of your pocket and unlocking the door. “Maybe, it won’t be so bad.” You said to yourself again, but this time, the little saying made you smile and made a feeling of childish hope spread through your body. “This, is going to be fun.”
The third part!!!!!

If you cant understand the large sentence at the end, it says "Oh my gosh why did he do that no way that’s not possible but he just did"

Part 1:[link]
Part 2:[link]
Part 3: You're here
Part 4:[link]
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