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December 2, 2012
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The entire ride home, all you could think about was what couldn’t have happened.

The wind couldn’t talk, but what if… what if it could.

You thought so much you didn’t even realize that you were home until your mom shut the car off and spoke.

“Something on your mind, (f/n)?” Your mom pulled you out of the trance you were in.

“Hmm, yeah sorry, I’m just tired I guess.” You rubbed your eyes and stepped out of the car and up to the door as your mom unlocked it.

“Oh, where’d you get that book?” Your mom set her stuff on the table in the entry was as you walked past her.

“Sam.” You continued up the stairs without a second glance. Your mother called after you but you pretended not to hear her. You walked silently into your room and shut your door with a silent sigh.

As you pulled your scarf and jacket off, you walked over to the window. The window was cold as you touch your fingertips to the glass, but still no snow.

“Jack Frost, if you really are real, make it snow tomorrow, please?”  You fall back on your bed, feeling like an idiot for talking to a fairytale.

Maybe that’s all he is…

You roll over and pull the large blanket over your body, still in jeans from the trip to the mall. Your eyes were getting heavy and your room had gotten colder than you thought it should be.

I am real, I told you so. Do you finally believe me?

The voice echoed in your dreams, lulling you deeper into the dark waters of them. Your dreams were filled with white flakes falling from the heavens and light laughter running around and through them. The last thing of the dream before it flew away into wisps was the glow of light off snow-white hair and a twinkle in bright blue eyes.

---- The next morning----

“(f/n) wake up. There’s something special for you outside!” Your mom’s voice rang through your door as your eyelids attempted to peel themselves open.

When you finally did get your eyes open, you were greeted by the most wondrous sight, a world outside your window laced with dancing snow, which sent fragmented rainbows glistening off the frost that coated parts of your window.

“Wow…” it was barely more than a whisper as your (e/c) eyes took it all in. You scrambled out of bed and pulled your boots over the pants you still wore. Pulling on turtleneck sweater, you accidentally tripped and fell on your back.

“Oww… crap that hurt.” You finished pulling the turtleneck over your head before you looked at what tripped you. It was that book from yesterday, the one Sam gave you.

But something was weird with it. It was open to a page in the middle, but the edges were covered with frost, that even in the warmth of your room was still ice cold.

“What…” But before you could finish the thought, your mom knocked on the door again.

“(f/n), aren’t you going outside? I thought you wanted the snow?” You could hear the laughter in her voice.

You stood and pulled on your coat and the same scarf from yesterday. It was cold like the book, but there was no frost.

“So weird… what happened to it?” You asked yourself quietly as you wrapped it around your neck.

“See you later honey, there’s a muffin and a cup of hot coco on the counter if you want it!” Your mom called from below.

So you’re leaving early today for some purpose… whatever.

“Bye mom.” The reply was halfhearted as you walked down the stairs. You grabbed the muffin and took a swig of the hot coco; it must have been a little old because it was murky in temperature.

The muffin was good and devoured in less than a minute. You shoved your keys and cellphone into your pocket, and walked out of the door.

The world was sparkling and glowing with the sunlight reflecting off the snow, it was calming to you and you smiled. Your walk took you to the edge of the forest that bordered your neighborhood. It wasn’t very long, but it stretched for about five miles back.

You stared at it, questioning, and then decided to walk in. Even ten feet into the forest, the scenery changed, instead of houses on all sides, the trees were everywhere. It was beautiful and covered in white, seeming like it was out of a dream.

You were about a quarter mile into the woods when you thought you heard laughter. It seemed familiar, like you had heard it recently. Your (e/c) eyes scanned the white forest, seeing if anything was out of place. Nothing seemed wrong to you.

You shrugged and continued for a while. You came to the edge of a cliff, and looked out at what was below.

The cliff wasn’t that high, about five feet off the ground, but below the cliff there was no ground, it was a lake. You crouched down at the edge of the cliff and looked out at the ice, daylight reflecting off of everything around you. You finally realized how beautiful the snow made the world look.

“It’s pretty isn’t it?” The voice came out of nowhere and it made you jump. Your foot slipped off the cliff and you started to fall to the ice before you felt something catch you. Whatever it was, it was chilled and cold to the touch, even through your winter coat.
“Wow, great first impression.” Your feet touched the ground and you collapsed, not caring that your pant legs were getting wet.

“What was that?” It was a whisper, but whatever or whoever caught you seemed to hear you.

“Not a what, a who. And you should be thanking me properly.” The voice was behind you and you whipped around to see who was there. You thought your eyes were lying to you as you took in the boy’s face: large, sky blue eyes and snow white hair.

“You can’t be real…” your voice was filled with awe. As you stared at him, he stared back.

“You… you can see… me?” He pointed to his chest like he couldn’t believe it, like he was depraved of human contact every day.

“Of course I can, why wouldn’t I be able to?” he looked away.

“It’s a long story…” You looked at him, something was off, but he seemed sweet and he did just save your life.

“Then tell me, I’ve got time.” You pulled your legs up and sat in a cross legged position, your butt growing numb from the cold. “And I’m kinda lost…” That last part was mostly meant for you, but you ended up saying it out loud.

He laughed; it was that musical laugh you swore you had heard the other night.

“Okay, but before I do, what’s your name?” You looked at him and a smile crept its way across your face.

“(f/n) (l/n), but you can call me (f/n).” He smiled.

“Well, my name’s Jack Frost.”
The second parts done!!!!
And of course there's going to be a third and probably more!!

Part 1:[link]
Part 2: You're here!!
Part 3:[link]
Part 4:[link]
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